Project Introduction

[Decentralized DAPP]

Decentralized DAPP based on EOS development, project address

Decentralized platform

What is a blockchain game?
Blockchain game is the perfect combination of decentralization technology and traditional games of blockchain

Blockchain games run on the EOS public chain in the form of smart contracts.

The advantages of blockchain chess games
Fairness: The game runs on a smart contract, and the lottery source data runs on the contract, and no one can change and control it.

Players no longer worry about platform cheating and running, which fundamentally solves the trust problem between players and platforms.

Financial security: The entire decentralized currency is circulated anonymously, eliminating the traditional payment channel.

The player completely controls the wallet private key and 100% dispels the player's concerns about financial security.

The third-party four-party payment channel is eliminated, which saves the operating cost of the payment channel.

Maintenance and peace of mind: The data runs on the public chain, completely decentralized, there is no player data in the background, no user data related to account security, greatly reducing maintenance costs.

User consensus, share game revenue:
The platform no longer has to rely on cheating to extract player profit, and profit from the toll and platform token.

All participating players can get the platform's token reward. The earlier the player gets in, the more they get, the more they get, the more they get.

Gradually reduce the proportion of rewards, as well as destruction and other mechanisms, the use of the platform's token value can be steadily improved, the player's profit is increasing,

Players and platforms move from opposition to consensus.

The blockchain game has a decentralized feature that can run on multiple nodes, and the node runner represents the player user.

Master certain voices and ownership of game assets. Game makers and players are no longer in opposition, but at the same level of interest.

Even the direction of the game is dominated by the players.

The platform and the players form a community of interests and form a benign cycle.

Why choose to do blockchain games?
Traditional games are completely controlled by the operator, and this is a typical centralized product, a series of criticisms brought about by human control.

There is a contradiction between the player and the platform, and the trust between the two parties is extremely low.

The decentralization technology of the blockchain just solves this problem because it cannot be artificially controlled.

On the one hand, for the player, the rules of the game are very fair and the problem of trust is solved. On the other hand, players are willing to promote new players for the platform.

Because whether the player plays it himself or promotes a new player to play, he will receive a real "reward bonus".

New players will not have any concerns because of trust, and the new players are very sticky.

Is it too late to choose to do the blockchain game now?
Blockchain games are still in the early stages of development. With the popularization of blockchain technology, the next 3-5 years will be the outbreak of blockchain games.

So now the layout blockchain game is undoubtedly the first opportunity, because any new industry, when the outbreak spreads, you will do it again, it will be late.