Why ?USDT has become the mainstream of payment on the blockchain

更新时间:2020-04-14 21:43:15点击:2639 Industry Views

The full name of USDT is TetherUS, which is a kind of token issued by the US Tether company for the equivalent of the US dollar, that is, 1 US dollar is approximately equal to 1 USDT. In order to strictly abide by the 1 to 1 margin promised by its company, every time it adds a new USDT, it will add 1 dollar of account funds to its bank account, thereby ensuring the security of investors on demand. At the same time, users can also conduct fund inquiries through their official website to monitor their fund security at any time.
In recent years, although the transparency of TEDA ’s margin account has always been an old topic in the industry, this does not affect TEDA ’s USDT which has become the mainstream power of stablecoin to date. The environment of fiat currency trading of the exchange.

In addition, the stablecoin USDT is also used in various non-decentralized applications of the blockchain.

Initially, to implement USDT access for various applications, it is necessary to build an Ethereum server node, develop front-end and back-end RPC interfaces, and develop complicated and costly maintenance.

Now, there is a platform for USDT on the market, which can be implemented in the application through the platform's api access. There is no need for self-built server nodes and development interfaces, which greatly reduces the user's development and maintenance costs. For example, foreign coinpayments, domestic payinchain and other platforms can be achieved through api access.