What is the development prospect of blockchain DAPP games?

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After more than a decade of rapid expansion, the traditional game industry has encountered an unprecedented crisis: the number of new players has dropped sharply.
The competition is fierce, the cost of attracting customers is high, the players do not trust the crisis, and many traditional spinach games are struggling.
In the traditional game field, players and platforms are often standing opposite.
The game platform is often the maker of the rules of the game industry, acting as the owner, they modify the game mechanism to adjust the parameters to extract the value of the user,
Even running, and the player is the "captive" of the game.
Maintenance and operating costs remain high, and servers are often harassed by attacks.
When encountering unknown funds, the payment channel is often blocked.
Players trust the crisis, worry about the platform running, fraud, unable to withdraw cash and other issues have always existed.

Now, the opportunity for transformation is coming, blockchain games,
Players and platforms move from opposition to consensus.
The blockchain game has a decentralized feature that can run on multiple nodes, and the node runner represents the player user.
Master certain voices and ownership of game assets. Game makers and players are no longer in opposition, but at the same level of interest.
Even the direction of the game is dominated by the players.

The advantages of blockchain games: fairness: The game runs on smart contracts, the draw is random, and no one can manipulate it.

The player controls the private key himself, independent of the platform.

Maintenance peace of mind: there is no player data in the background, there is no value in the attack background, greatly reducing the attack harassment.
The whole process of decentralized currency circulation eliminates the traditional payment channel and saves the mind.

Consensus, sharing game revenue: The platform no longer relies on cheating to extract player profit, players will not have any concerns about the decentralized platform.
All participating players can get the token reward of the platform. The sooner the player comes in, the more the player gets, the more you get, the more you get.
Gradually reduce the proportion of rewards, as well as destruction and other mechanisms, so that the value of the platform's token is steadily improved, and the platform and players form a community of interests.
Form a benign cycle.

When everyone started doing business on mature eBay in 2004, few people went to Taobao to do it.
At that time, eBay had a high cost of opening a store. Although the traffic was large, the competition was very large, just like today's traditional games.
Taobao has low operating costs. Although the traffic is not as good as eBay, the competition is small, and the free mechanism reduces the cost of opening a store.
The unit price of goods is reduced, forming a virtuous circle, and the store and Taobao form a community of interests, which is more suitable for the development of the times.
Similarly, as in 09 and 10 years ago, PC games accounted for 90% of the game market share, with great competition and high customer maintenance costs.
Since smartphones are not yet fully popular, few game companies have laid out mobile games, but after only 2 years, 12 years later,
The popularity of smartphones and the outbreak of mobile games began. The company that laid out mobile games 12 years ago seized the opportunity and made a lot of money.

We are in an era of very rapid change, the times are changing, and if you are unchanged, you will be passive.
On the day when the change is coming, you have fallen into the dilemma of being able to follow the trend. Opportunities are only those who are prepared, courageous, and daring to change.
Now that the blockchain is coming, whether you approve it or not, it comes, and no one can stop it from moving forward. BAT and other big chunks have already laid out the blockchain.
Now that the blockchain game is coming, what are you waiting for? Get to know it, get ready to buy a ticket, and come to me!